“U in space” is a project designed in collaboration between Collectif DF* and Blackbirds

This project intends to create new interactions between art and the public, which becomes a central actor of the art process as he influences and contributes to create a piece of art.

The artist builds a new playing field, where the public becomes a tool through its sensibility and through its interactions to the space.

Each of the datas collected by the sensors in the space will create a random digital artwork, which expresses how human presence influences the art process (with the bodys becoming a piece of the artwork).cube croquis 1-2

The choice of the basic form of the sculpture is to be defined with the customer.

At the end of the exhibition, the digital artwork will be printed in 3D. This will represent a concrete sculpture of the interactions and materialize this unique experience.

The public has the possibility to stop time and to choose to order a unique and personal sculpture made in the chosen material (ceramic, sliver, gold).